An Ordinary Day

Today was an ordinary day, of ordinary, extraordinary, beautiful interactions. Rocking chair on the front porch with my son, laughing til the second he got on the bus. Casual conversation over coffee with a dear friend, who I’ve known over lifetimes. An instant bond formed with a man of spirit and sobriety, who proudly showed me his AA token of 28 years. The purity and beauty of two people in adoration of each other. When your once- shyest neighbor hugs you and says “I’ve missed you.” The embrace you share with the woman who’s your friend…who almost lost her child, and who simultaneously is the most composed, awesome person you know. Today was one of those days, that moved me to step back and stand in awe of humanity, of the beauty of human interaction. I was moved to tears several times. Unexpected, unabashed tears. Each time, thankful for the ability to be exposed and to feel and to connect. Grateful for ordinary days like this, that reveal such beauty ❤️

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