Wonder Woman

Of the people I’ve met in this journey of life, I’ve come to admire most those souls who exhibit gratefulness. In my very first clinical rotation, I have met Wonder Woman. She is a 90+ year old woman, in a wheelchair. Yet she is bound by nothing. Not her age. Not her health. Not her condition. She has a brightness about her, a light in her eyes that I don’t know I’ve ever seen before. When I asked her what brought her to try acupuncture, she said “All my girlfriends have been raving about it. (I would love to see that group❤️). And I figured, what do I have to lose? I have to keep trying.” I fell in love with her spirit immediately. The fact that she has a gang of friends. Her open mindedness. The fact that she tries, that she is minding herself and keeping herself as well as she can. From week to week, when asked how she is feeling emotionally, she answers with sincerity, “I have nothing to complain about, dear.” As I removed needles from her curved spine, from her aged and wrinkled hands, helped her back into her leg braces, and and fixed her thinning grey hair after helping her put her Wonder Woman shirt back on…I thought Jesus, what a beautiful person. You could complain about EVERYTHING. But instead you keep telling me about how content you are with your life, how proud you are of your grandkids…especially your grandson, who is a beautiful dancer. As I was tying her shoes, I told her what a delight she is to be around. Her face lit up and she said, “Likewise, dear. I say, you have to be pleasant to people. Otherwise, what are we all doing here? It’s not hard, and it’s not rocket science. It works for me.” It’s pretty damn awesome when you meet someone who so quickly and deeply affects you in such a positive way, and I’m thankful to have met my new friend, this awesome spirit. I will have what she’s having 🙏 

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