In the past week, I’ve had several conversations with individuals who want to change and improve their lives. In some way, shape, or form…they want to become a happier, truer version of themselves. They want to peruse their dreams. They are self-reflecting and awakened. Awakened to the notion of living…of not going through the motions because that’s what’s expected, or practical. And each of these individuals, expressed that more people than not, proved to be unsupportive. That more people than not, laughed at their hopes and plans. “What do you want to go and do that for?” “What business do you have going into that?” “You have a steady job and career (so despite the fact that you’re miserable), don’t rock the boat.” Bullshit. As someone who has been extremely fortunate in the love and support I’ve received in my life, in my leaps of faith…I will share this. SURROUND YOURSELF WITH ENCOURAGERS. There are good people out there. People who will help you. Who will share and rejoice in your joy. Who will go out of their way. Who want to see you reach your dreams. Who are happy for you. Who have that same fire. Make those people your tribe.  Let those people into your orbit. It’s easy to be a hater, to be envious and pessimistic. And sometimes it’s  not ill-willed…it’s just pure ignorance. Certain people simply can’t comprehend the level at which you’re operating…and that’s fine. Just recognize that, don’t let them drag you down. You’re traveling an entirely different path. Choose your circle wisely. Surround yourself with encouragers. We all need help along the way. We all need help reaching the best version of ourselves. There are good people out there. Seek them out. And be one to someone else ❤️

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