Take It Easy

“Lighten up while you still can

Don’t even try to understand

Just find a place to make your stand

And take it easy”

Best vacation of my life. Hearing these lyrics today on a vinyl record…the song that reminds me most of my mum, was so special. The smell of the record was even amazing. Even more so….walking down to our private little cove, after a day of surf, coffee, simplicity, and beautifully awesome people….we look over to the setting sun and I say to Finn…”Do you see that gorgeous sunset?” And he says, “I see Grammy Marian” ❤️

Don’t know if I will ever be able to encapsulate this stretch of time. With my boys. With myself and my soul. The beauty and simplicity and kindnesses we’ve encountered. There is just so much to experience in this place (this wide world). So much love and happiness and awakening. So much that can bring you home to yourself. Sometimes it’s closer than we think 🙏❤️

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