I Do Believe It’s Time For Another Adventure

Tomorrow, is a beautiful day. I will bid farewell to an amazing chapter of my life, and greet the next phase with immeasurable joy. I gave my notice at work this week, and tomorrow will mark the end of my 15-year career in the medical industry. What a ride it has been. I have had the privilege of working side-by-side with some of the world’s best surgeons, training those same men and women in cutting-edge medical technologies, seeing patients’ lives saved in front of my eyes (quite literally), and being able to help people live better lives. What a gift. Perhaps the greatest gift within that…are the relationships that were formed. Relationships that have changed my life. Lifelong friends and lessons. Relationships that have saved the lives of people I love. (I love you Dad)❤️ I am brought to tears just thinking about how everything is connected…how good people are…and how fortunate I am to have ended up on this path. And as blessed as I feel to be on this path, I humbly realize that I put myself here. There have been teachers and mentors and champions along the way, but ultimately, we forge our own lives. The paths we choose. So tomorrow, I throw a huge kiss and thank you to this road I’ve known…and choose another path. I choose to embrace the rest of my life. A life I am choosing for myself, for my boys. The life I want to lead. A life in which I will flourish as I age and evolve. A life of excited and ongoing learning. A life in which I can help heal others, and myself. An awakened life. I am glowing at the dawn of this day ☀️🙏❤️

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