Hello, you gorgeous, radiant soul. I’m truly missing you today. Tears are streaming down my face looking at this picture, my favorite of you…which I’ve seen a thousand times, and God I just wish I could sit with you. And hold your hand. And smell you. And look upon your face, every inch of it…in marvel, of something that was so familiar and so amazingly home to me. 

There is just so much…so much “I wish” with you. A walk. A laugh. A picture of you and Finn. A picture of us. A phone call. A cup of coffee. A trip together. A heart to heart. Just the opportunity to hold your face and say thank you…for everything. For loving me. For your perfection and your flaws, for your strength and your surrender. For loving me. For doing the best you could. For being a badass. For redefining strength. For loving life. For loving me. 

What a gift, this life. And you, mum. What a blessing you are. My wishlist above…I’ve had each and every one of them with you. I’ve taken you with me. On every journey. In every beautiful, extraordinary, and simple moment of my life since that day. You’ll never be gone. You lived. You shine on. I love you ❤️ 

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