My Teachers

In this journey, we are all blesssd with teachers. Some are quintessential…the person or being to whom you are eternally grateful. The individual you can identify as a mentor…someone who teaches you, who helps you grow, who challenges you and encourages you to think critically, to see things from a different perspective. Someone who inspires you, and helps you evolve. There is no limit on age, or gender, or even species when it comes to such teachers. It’s a wisdom, a timelessness, a selflessness in their souls, which enables them to share. Equally as important is our willingness to allow ourselves to be vulnerable enough to be students. To allow ourselves to receive, to learn, to better ourselves. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear (-Buddha 🙂

In the same breath, it’s a huge miss on our part if we don’t realize and appreciate the teachers who help us evolve in a different way. They teach us what we DON’T want…in life, in ourselves, for our children. These lessons and teachers are equally (if not more) important. They guide us and influence us profoundly, because sometimes knowing what you want has a lot to do with identifying what you DONT WANT…it’s all connected. So it’s all valuable. 

So let’s pay attention. Let’s be aware. Let’s transform, let go, and embrace. Let’s surrender and take hold. Be the student and the teacher. Let’s smile and throw a kiss to this beautiful, cyclical dance of life 

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