My mantra, every morning…

Every morning, I start with this. It’s become my personal mantra. I finish my workout, I kneel in meditation (9x out of 10, Finny walks in at this very moment and it’s a wrap) 😜. But on the mornings I’m actually able to meditate…I put my hands on my wrist, then my neck, then my chest…and feel my pulse. My beating heart. And when I zone into that…feeling that beat, that physical pulsation that is keeping me alive, all existing and potential bullshit…if even for a moment, miraculously fades away. I say that with complete sincerity. So much of life can become task-oriented, mundane…bullshit. (Sorry, I actually can’t think of a better word). And that’s not what life is. It’s not your job, it’s not your to-do list. It’s not your errands. IT IS…who you come home to. It’s how you feel about yourself. It’s  your dreams. It’s what you do in your “spare time” (that is often pushed off because there is no time). It is your passion (that is most likely never fulfilled because work and life and responsibilities don’t allow for it). No…no, no, no. Don’t disservice yourself or those you love by living that “life.” That’s not life. That’s checking the box. That’s punching the clock. Good lord…take a moment, every day…and think critically. Be mindful. Be present. Check in with yourself.  And simultaneously…don’t take yourself so seriously by thinking you have to do everything “right”, or how you think you’re expected to do it. Think about what you like to do “in your spare time”….or what gives meaning to your life….and work to create a life that allows you to do that. Whether it’s having more time to goof off with your kids. Having more time to watch a sunrise on your surfboard. Having more time to see the world. Think of your life in those terms, and work towards bringing that to fruition. You’ll be hard-pressed to regret anything that will bring you to that end. Use your body wisely, it’s your vessel in this journey. And remember that your soul has been here before….listen to it, and honor it…it will never steer you wrong πŸ™

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