Chuck Warriors

It’s incredible, how stigmas can vanish. I’ve often wished I could go back in time, and speak with my mum when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. To tell her it’s ok. To harmoniously say “fuck cancer.” To shave my head with her. To go on a 3-day walk with her. To empower her. To encourage her to get the double mastectomy that her doctor told her to get, that she wouldn’t. Without comparison, she was the strongest human being I’ve known, but she (like many women) struggled with the stigmas that were attached to having breast cancer back in the late 80s and early 90s. Specifically, the physical impact. If it wasn’t enough to deal with the actual disease, and the “treatments” that were available at the time…which took away any quality of life she had…she dealt with the daily anguish of losing what she considered to be her womanhood. Her hair. Her breasts. Her looks. And though I was only 10 when she was diagnosed, I felt for her. I didn’t agree…but I understood. What I would give to have been able to speak to her as a grown woman. To partner with her. To tell her what was coming down the road and that  she radiated womanhood…it was her very soul. To cut those damn things off if it meant saving her life. To let her know about all the warriors that would follow her life and her struggle. To tell her that I myself would have multiple surgeries, including a partial mastectomy during pregnancy….because fuck cancer, even the hint of it. To tell her about all the women who would destigmatize it. Not only the women, but the pioneering companies that worked to help women feel as beautiful , and as hip, and as awesome as possible while fighting their battles. Case in point, these amazing Chuck Taylors my husband left in my Jeep this morning. He has worked for Converse for nearly a decade, and I’ve seen some pretty sweet shoes come home, but these ones choked me up. They are limited edition, created by artists who were commissioned to create large scale, single-piece canvas art. Those pieces of work were then cut and formed into a limited number of Chuck Taylors, for breast cancer research and awareness. The amazingness factor is off the charts. Major shout out to Converse and the artists and designers who created these. Thank you to my husband Chris, your thoughtfulness knows no bounds. And a huge glass raised to my mum, Marian…I will rock these in your honor every time I put them on. In honor of progress. In honor of lessons learned. I honor of stigmas crushed. In honor of you, still the coolest person I’ve ever known ❤🙏

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