The Good Old Days

Sitting here, post-workout, as daylight brightens. My boys are still sleeping. I cherish this time…reflective time. In the kitchen last night, Finn was running in circles around the island…his ritual during the Mickey Mouse and the Roadsters opening theme. Bernie is chasing him, Finny is laughing so hard he is losing his breath. Chris is throwing together yet another fabulous meal, and I’m cracking a couple beers and setting the table…as I’m tripping over this day’s Matchbox cars of choice. People reminisce everyday about “the Good Old Days.” Days when they were younger and carefree. Days they wish they had back. If they had only known then what they know now. Well…these are my good old days. I know one day I will give anything to have them back. This boy, this man, this dog, this house, this age, this vibrant time in life, these friends, this health, this body, this mind, this little piece of paradise by the sea…this beautiful life. So instead of looking back, I will instead look right here, at this moment. And relish the ordinary things

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