In this sacred place

My god…how lucky we all are. To live in this sacred place. And to be so blessed…because of pure circumstance. Time. Place. Situation. We are all here, not because of some amazing thing we did. But because each and every person in our upward lineage…did something greater than themselves, to get us here. To this country. To this way of life. To this mindset. It is CRUCIAL to recognize and be in awe of that incredible thing called ancestry. That thing called family. That thing called “I am everything I am, because of you.” On the other, beautiful hand….transformation. Rising above and beyond. Evolution. That hand which all of our parents, grandparents, etc…wished for. A better life. Children that surpassed them…not in money or education. But in experience. In the richness of life. In freedom to be who you want to be, and do what you want to do. To live the dream. Whatever that dream may be to each of us…it equates to one thing. Our own individual vision of what it means to be happy. To be at peace. To know that what we do here…matters. BE happy. BE good to yourself. Be good to OTHERS. THINK beyond yourself, because what you do, what you say…MATTERS. Leave things better than how you found them. Not everything has to be a profound statement or action. Most often…it’s the nameless, small moments…that we remember at the end of our lives. It’s the gorgeous, everyday interactions that we will miss, and wish we had back. Enjoy the ride. Be the light in someone’s life. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Don’t take yourself so seriously. Exhale. Make it count ❤️🙏

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