I talked about you today. To someone whom I just met. I talked about you yesterday. To someone whom I love, but never knew you. I talked about you last night. To your grandson at bedtime, who told me you’re in the sky and in the ocean, and that you’re beautiful. It’s amazing…you’ve been gone almost 25 years (nearly 1/4 century)…and your name is still being spoken on nearly a daily basis. You weren’t famous, you weren’t in the history books, you weren’t a public figure. But you were everything. To everyone. To me…you were everything to me. That’s why you’ll never die, my gorgeous, beautiful friend. You never died. You’re here in the purest form. Your energy, your essence. It flourishes, it has evolved, it has transformed. I want you to know…that I love you, all of you. The funny stuff, the not-so-funny stuff…I love you uncontionally. I love you for who you were, without apology. I love you for loving me, and for being my mother. You were an incredible, vibrant, authentic human being. You were everyone’s favorite. And god, your laugh ❤️ Thank you for staying with me for this journey, i hope to make it even more beautiful for you this time around 🙏

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