It’s what we all strive for, right? (Hopefully)? A healthy balance of the things that make up our lives…family, work, passion, relationships, health. Much like yoga, finding balance in life is a living, breathing practice. It’s not something that you figure out overnight. It’s not something that you try once and master. It’s something you do, something you practice. If you want to find balance, sign yourself up for a process. And leave self-consciousness, guilt, self-judgment, self-doubt, and ego at the door. Because just like in yoga, no one gives a shit if you strike a certain pose…you might think people are looking, but they’re not. They’re paying attention to themselves…trying to hit their own pose and find their own balance. And there is no perfect version of anything. What matters is how YOU feel, how far you’ve come from where you started, are you opening yourself, are you unfolding…are you enjoying the process? Or are you just looking around comparing yourself to others? Perspective is everything…you can watch two people doing the same thing…one falls and laughs at herself, and relishes in the prospect and humility of “wow, I have a long way to go…but at least my eyes are open, at least I am going in the right direction.” And the other just falls and gets pissed and embarrassed and quits. Stop being so hard on yourself. Exhale and laugh at yourself. Balance is a process, a practice, and it’s personal. So open your eyes, measure what’s important to you. And practice ❤️🙏😊

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