No matter your age, situation, life experience, or calling…there is one thing that we all need: a sense of purpose. A reason to get out of bed in the morning. A reason to be here. And it’s a basic human desire: to be needed for something…otherwise, what is the point?  It’s a beautiful thing, to find purpose in your life. So many people get caught up in finding their “sole” purpose in life…why limit yourself? We are all so much more than one thing. So instead of pursuing THE sole purpose…the perfect job, the perfect relationship, the perfect life…take a minute in bask in the gorgeousness of finding purpose in anything. Kids…yours or others. Engaging in life…whether it’s shooting the shit at the coffee shop with your favorite people, or going for a solo walk on the beach and breathing fresh air in your lungs, and being thankful to be alive. Purpose is cultivated, and is different for everyone. Find what’s purposeful for YOU, and have a passionate love affair with it. Because it will give your heart a reason to beat, and to continue beating. Evolve with your life. Most likely, it’s going to move in directions you don’t anticipate…for better or for worse. But if you can adapt, and perhaps more importantly, find purpose…no matter what it is, you’ll be ok. You’ll be more than ok. You’ll be alive ❤️🙏

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